Product Authenticity

How to tell if your product is authentic

Unfortunately, we have recently experienced some companies producing counterfeit versions of our products.  These products may use inferior materials or quality control and can not provide our manufacturer's warranty.  We value our customers and want to make sure you receive authentic high quality products.  BlueRock Products is the manufacturer of Sunrise Party Supplies products and does not sell via distributors.  If purchasing on Amazon make sure to only purchase from BlueRock Products to ensure authenticity.  Any Sunrise Party Supplies product listed as new but not sold by BlueRock Products is counterfeit.

What to do if you have received a counterfeit product

We actively monitor our product listings on for counterfeit products to ensure you only receive high quality authentic products.  However, if you believe you have received an inauthentic product please contact me directly at and I will personally investigate and resolve the issue for you.




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